A nano-roaster located on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. 


Mercedes (Ghost Alley Espresso) & Rafael (Rafael Carrabba Violins) roast small batches of Single Origin coffee beans behind Rafael's violin shop. Together they bring a unique background to roasting coffee. Rafael is a luthier, trained in the restoration of violins, cellos and violas. Mercedes is a story teller and coffee shop owner. They seek out rare coffee, work directly with farms (when possible) and use local brokers to source excellent beans. By working in small batches, they are constantly changing their offerings. If you would like to learn more about what they are currently roasting and how to buy bags use the contact form to send a note. 


News & Updates

April 24, 2017 --- SCA Coffee EXPO 2017 just finished here in Seattle. What a whirlwind of energy that was. 

June 8, 2017 --- We have several Single Origin coffees available now. Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Tanzania Peaberry, Colombia and Sulawesi. Each is roasted to different degrees.

The Peru is the lightest of the roasts, full or aroma. It has cherry and molasses notes. You can smell those notes before they even hit your mouth.

The Tanzanian Peaberry is a very earthy flavor. It is roasted just into a medium and has a nutty finish.

The Costa Rica is our darkest roast and is a well balanced cup of coffee or espresso. It was a wine finish, like the bottom of a really expensive Syrah.

The Brazil we roast to two degrees, medium or dark. The medium is suitable as a Single Origin espresso and tastes and smells like chocolate and butter. As it gets darker there is more acid and it is better suited for a drip coffee; very bold.

The Sulawesi has peach and dark chocolate notes. It is roasted into the second crack but not very dark. It has a full body, lots of aroma and is an incredible cold brew.

The Colombian is a fresh and light coffee, roasted to a medium degree. It is best also as a drip producing a milder coffee with good body. 


April 22, 2017 --- We have an incredible Brazilian bean that we are working with right now. From JC Farms, this small Brazilian lot was originally purchased by Middle Fork Roasters who kindly sold a part of it to Mercedes. It has rich, chocolate and nutmeg notes. Roasted either to medium or dark the sweetness of the bean is prominent. Mercedes has been mixing it with a Peruvian bean for espresso at Ghost Alley Espresso. 


Ghost Alley Espresso, Pike Place Market

Rafael Carrabba Violins, Queen Anne Hill